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+ What does Together-We-Can / Make-a-Difference do?
We aim to make a physical and emotional impact on the life of the underprivileged child; we reach out to the children of the communities around us by way of a party that pulls out all the stops, a day that will forever burn brightly in their minds as a time when they were showered with attention, love and gifts; and no child leaves empty-handed ... the only difference here to a regular birthday party is that the "party pack" they take home is filled with essentials - food and clothing - to benefit themselves AND their families.

+ How did it all begin?
In April 2009, the parents and staff of Trinity Pre-Primary got together as a group in order to try and Make-a-Difference in the lives of underprivileged children. With the help of the leaders of the Kya Sands & Msawawa informal settlements, we put together a list of 80 children from those areas that most needed to be involved in an outreach programme of this type. The list of children included many orphans being cared for by Grandparents or older siblings, as well as many children from homes where both or one of their parents is ill or unemployed and buying the most basic ‘essential’ items such as food, clothing etc.. is an enormous challenge.

Our first step in this outreach programme was to organize a Winter Party – which was held on 20th June 2009. At this party, besides each child being given two enormous packages containing a lovely warm blanket and a winter jacket, they were also surrounded by so much love and kindness that the volunteers showered upon each and every child.

Trinity Pre Primary’s principal, Lorrainne Ruddy who was very much involved in every detail of the outreach party said “This special day was literally nothing short of a miracle” – both for the recipients AND for the wonderful volunteers and sponsors who got to share in the result of Making A Difference in the lives of these special children.

We decided we didn’t want this event to be a once off thing…. And so.. our next project for these children was hatched – the Christmas Party which was held on Saturday 14th November 2009. Once again, with the help of the parents & teachers from Trinity and with the help of ALL the sponsors, we were not only able to
Make-a-Difference in the lives of 80 little children, but we also made a significant difference in little Bongelwa’s life.

Bongelwa was born with a disability and had never been able to walk or run around like all her little friends. With the funds left over after the Christmas Party expenses and gifts, we were able to get Bongelwa assessed by a professional. And we were able to buy her a beautiful new walker and lovely supportive shoes. Through this, we gave Bongelwa hope in her heart, and a huge smile on her beautiful little face.

We continued with a phenomenally successful Winter Party in May this year where each child again received a blanket, jacket, scarf, beanie & soccer ball – thanks to all our wonderful sponsors & helpers, it was another amazing event and put smiles on all the little faces that attended.

This project is so much more than just the practical side of gifts, blankets and clothing.. This project is about showing these children how special they are, how much they are loved…. and that they haven’t been forgotten about by society. This project is about giving new hope….   

+ How can I get involved?
All of us at some stage have unwanted items that we would like to get rid of - such as clothes that no longer fit or are no longer worn, household items, old blankets, duvets, towels, toys, books… the list is endless. These items that we regard as ‘clutter’ - to an underpriveleged family that literally have nothing, could mean the world.

If you have any unwanted items that are still in reasonable condition and would like to donate them to underpriveleged families from local squatter camp communities, please contact us and we can arrange to get the items from you.

Our Team has become very involved with the Kya Sands & Msawawa squatter camps, and on a regular basis, we hold a meeting with the leaders of these two impoverished communities in order to identify a few families for each distribution that really need help. ALL unwanted items (clothing – children & adults, household items etc..) in reasonable condition would be VERY much appreciated !

Our goal is to distribute items and a food parcel to approximately 10 families a month, depending on the amount of items we get in during that month.

In addition to our monthly distributions to needy families, we host an annual winter party for 80 underpriveleged children where each child receives a blanket & jacket. We also host an annual Christmas Party again in November for another 80 children. There are many other projects we are also involved in – browse our website for further details.

If you or your company would like to become involved in the any of our
Together-We-Can Projects, please contact us as soon as possible.

We will be distributing all newsletters, feedbacks on distributions, photos etc.. via email. If you would like to receive the updates on what we’re up to, what we’ve achieved and who we’ve helped, please send me an email on
info@togetherwecan.org.za and we will add you to our Make-a-Difference Mailing List.

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